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Safety and Stories – Keeping Thailand Safe

Safety at your fingertips! Yes, you read it right. ‘Safety and Stories’ (SAS) is a mobile application that allows users to use their mobile phone as a safety device.

Thailand, often known as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Everybody loves to come here. But due to unfortunate incidents in the recent times, locals and tourists alike are feeling insecure. SAS mobile, however, has come to the rescue. Now Let me tell you how it will keep you safe and at the same time entertained.

SAS – Safety and Stories is an app available in both iOS and android platform for smartphones. The idea is that it sends your current location to your loved ones when you’re in danger or under threat. In a dangerous situation, you have to either press your smartphone’s power button three times OR open the app and press ‘ACTIVATE’, and an automated text with your current location will be sent to your dad, mom, friends, relatives or whomever you want it to reach. Even if your contact doesn’t use the app, your location will still be sent, via SMS, and it will cost whatever your service provider charges to send / receive an SMS. But if both the sender and the receiver have the app installed, then it’s free.

Great, isn’t it? Well that’s not all. To increase social engagement amongst locals and users, the app features an entertainment section as well. That’s the ‘Stories’ part. Here users can write whatever they feel like. They can write funny stories, real life incidents, and of course useful information about certain potentially dangerous places. Pretty much everything and anything. So you can think of Safety and Stories like protection and precautions. The writer of best story (most liked) even receives an award every fortnight.

The app launched in Thailand in January 2015, and I’m proud to be one of the founders. It’s good to feel part of something that’s actually looking out for the well-being of humanity. We’re also committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and plan to use some of our profits to help people in need in Thailand.

This is not just an app but a blessing in disguise to every local, and also tourists coming to Thailand.

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