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Weekends in Colombo

If you’ve seen that John Mulaney stand up routine ‘doing nothing’*, you’ll know that a lot of the time it is a sheer joy to do nothing. In Sri Lanka, I’d say that’s what weekends are for.

Most people in Sri Lanka, well most people I know in Colombo, complain that there’s nothing much to do over the weekend. It’s hard to disagree. But if you’re in an urban area like Colombo, the folks here are always on the lookout for something to do over the weekend. is becoming a popular site that we use to figure out weekend plans, and our Facebook event feeds also tell us what’s coming up.

Usually, however, weekends consist of:

  • Catching up on sleep (even though I’ve been told that you can’t “catch up” on your sleep)
  • Doing groceries
  • Washing/servicing the car
  • Laundry, home chores
  • Sitting on the couch, mind-numbingly flipping between TV channels
  • Stalking people on social media (wait, a lot of people probably do this on daily basis, every hour)

But if you really want do something, rather than enjoy doing nothing, there’s….

The beach

Sri Lanka’s got amazing beaches. Mount Lavinia is one of the easiest to access from Colombo, and ever since the Southern expressway was built (we’re really behind in terms of normal infrastructure so we make a huge deal out of new roads), the Unawatuna (pictured) / Hikkaduwa / Galle beaches are only one hour away from Colombo. Galle fort is a fantastic spot to loaf around and grab a bite from one of the nice cafes such as Crepe-ology and Pedlars.


Dressing up, holding your glass in one hand, and posing for the club photographer is a norm for whoever likes to go clubbing. It’s a good way to relieve stress, that’s for sure. And also a chance to yell out that “OMG you’re here, hiiiiiiiiii!” phrase every once in awhile when you bump into that girl you don’t care about so much.

Café / coffee shop loafing 

There’s a whole heap of coffee shops around, so it’s often a good idea to loaf around, catch up with a friend and just EAT. We love our food!

If you’re the adventurous type you can try out stuff like:

If you’re a goody two shoes / wannabe / or an actual good-doer, there’s a whole of volunteering you can do. Now this kinda thing is actually rewarding, you just have to look around 🙂

But then chances are, if you indulge in the usual beach / clubbing combo, or if you’re like me, you’ll live on your bean bag catching up on your reading or mind numbingly flipping channels on your TV (binge watching O.C actually, did I just say that?).





Image. Photo by Nature Villa.

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