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FIFA 2014 football – made in Pakistan

The football World Cup 2014 may be over, but it has cast a spell on its lovers. While I’m sitting writing this article, the Shakira song “La La La”, written for the football champions, is on my mind. When I close my eyes I can see the football ground where the finalists tried their best to win the Cup. The audience cheers, motivating players and making them more zealous for the win. The will to win is tangible. When a player scores, the supporters everywhere shout “GOAL”.

In 2014, millions of football lovers around the world witnessed the magic of the German players, the champions of the FIFA World Cup 2014. I am also very excited about the victory of the German champions, but this time my happiness and excitement is not only limited to the game. The ball that is the centre of this championship this time around was made in Pakistan. Yes, the ball for FIFA Football Championship 2014 was made in Pakistan.   And this was a moment of real pride for my country Pakistan and for each one of its citizens. It was a great honor for Pakistan that the FIFA 2014 football was selected from the Pakistani city Sialkot, a place you have probably never heard of before.

Sialkot is a city situated in the northern part of the Punjab Province of in Pakistan. Sialkot holds great importance in Pakistan as it is the birthplace of the Muslim Philosopher, Scholar and Pakistan’s National Poet, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal.

Sialkot City has also become popular for manufacturing the best footballs, and there’s an interesting history behind this. In 1805, British soldiers stationed here used to play football. Hence, the ball was made for their game. Today Sialkot manufactures 60 million of soccer balls in a year. A highly skilled labor force in Sialkot has proven to be unique in its productivity leveles and skills.

FIFA assigned the making of most durable ball for the game to Sialkot, Pakistan when the Chinese football company owned by Adidas failed to meet the requirements. The FIFA 2014 disciplinary committee then decided to assign this highly important role to Pakistan, acknowledging Pakistan’s contribution to the sports industry.

I believe that in this world anything is possible due to hard work and determination. It was a moment of real surprise as well as an honor when Pakstan was selected to manufacture “Brazuca”, the official ball of World Cup 2014. The manufacturing factory in Sialkot, Pakistan, is considered one of the top rated factories that provides footballs to some of the world’s top leagues.

An amazing truth: In Sialkot 40% of the workforce is made up of women, and they play an important role in manufacturing the soccer balls that are kicked around not only by football champs, but by the people of Sialkot, Pakistan.





Image. Photo by Dhaka Tribune.


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  1. Nida Khan says:

    Gr8 article. Written really well. Thanks to the writer for bringing it up and sharing. Well done.


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