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Swing into 160-meter-deep Bhotekoshi Gorge


Hanging bridge where Swing or bungy is performed

July 3rd 2016 was the day I fulfilled a long awaited dream. It was the day I put my adrenaline levels to the test. It was the day I tried Swing. Yes, I jumped for the first time. For the first few seconds I was terrified, but later I was overjoyed. Here’s the video to prove it:


My adventurous journey started at around 6 o’clock in the morning, when I journeyed from Kathmandu valley to the “The Last Resort” in Sindhupalchowk district, the place to go in Nepal for swing, bungy jumping, ropes and canyoning sports. I travelled with 14 other people by bus, and during the 4-hour drive we were surrounded by beautiful green scenery.

I had already made the decision to try the swing, and had booked the experience a week in advance. Upon reaching The Last Resort, we were all told to freshen up before participating in an hour-long instruction session for the bungy and the swing that lasted for an hour.


Beautiful “The Last Resort” on the lap of the hill in Sinchupalchowk district of Nepal

Having been given proper instructions from the swing master, I was feeling confident and ready to swing. Finally, my moment came to jump from the hanging bridge and test my adrenaline levels. At the edge of the jumping spot of bridge, I felt terrified looking down at the deep gorge. As soon as the swing master yelled ‘ready and swing’, I was on a roll and there was no going back. It was a free fall, and I was so scared while freefalling that I thought my life was over. I descended downwards faster and faster, then before I knew it the freefall was over. I was so relieved, and started enjoying the swing-like pendulum. I was flying like a bird, enjoying every bit of it: the cool breeze coming from hills, the beautiful sounds of rushing water in the river, and the green scenery all around me.

It was a breathtaking experience for me. I had thought it would be easy, and of course I’m brave enough, but the reality was so different. For the first five to six seconds I was really scared, and felt like I was a dead man. Yet when the freefall was over and I started to swing, I experienced total freedom. It is impossible to express in words the emotions I felt in my heart and mind while swinging. I was truly alive in that moment.


Bungy jump into 160 meter deep Bhotekoshi gorge

I feel like I now know what my strengths are, and I have achieved some kind of victory over myself, a victory over my own weakness. I know now that I can conquer my weaknesses with determination and self-confidence. After this experience, I truly believe adventure sports like the swing not only boost confidence, but can also give you inner peace inside the heart and soul. It gives you indescribable freedom while in the pure nature.

So this is definitely not the end of adventure sports for me. My next plan is to try another adventure canyoning at The Last Resort.





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