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El Mercado de Medellín


One of the my favourite moments in life is realizing on a Saturday or Sunday morning that I have enough time to go grocery shopping at El Mercado de Medellín. I love the moment when I step into the market and start wandering through the stalls, looking at all the fresh fruit and veggies. I love talking to the vendors, asking what is good and negotiating the price. I love coming home with my bags full of awesome things that I would never be able to get from the supermarket.

Don´t let the outside of El Mercado de Medellín fool you; the walls may be covered in graffiti and there might often be a lot of movement around the market’s entrances, but once inside you will understand the magic of it. With more than 500 locales, or vendors, El Mercado de Medellín is one of the biggest markets in Mexico City.


It is located in an area of la Colonia Roma often known as “Little Havana” for its big population of Cuban and other Latin American immigrants. The market gives honour to its surrounding communities; you will not only find typical Mexican antojitos, but also Venezuelan arepas, Peruvian quinoa, Harina P.A.N., Colombian Coffee, Cuban ice creams and other Latin delicacies.


As in many other markets in the country, you can buy much more than just your groceries, flowers, fresh cheese, meat, fish and chicken. You can also sit in one of its many different restaurants and enjoy some ceviche, tacos, fresh juices and fruit cocktails, knowing that whatever you consume there will be fresher than in any high-end restaurant in the city.

Although you’ll definitely need some time, and a trip to the ATM, to be able to fully enjoy El Mercado de Medellín, it is totally worth it. Next time you are in the city and you need some groceries or just feel like a casual breakfast or lunch, don´t hesitate to consider this place, you will love it.

Mercado de Medellín: Medellín 234, Colonia Roma.






Images. All photos by María José Céspedes.


One Response to El Mercado de Medellín

  1. Don Cuevas says:

    I really like el Mercado de Medellín. We were first shown it by an amiga who lives nearby. Now it’s a regular stop for us. It’s accessible, friendly and non intimidating.

    Don Cuevas


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