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The Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk


The Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk is my must do for all visitors to Sydney. I put it above the Opera House. I could bore you with descriptions of azure water, golden beaches and soaring cliffs, but that just sounds cliché. Instead, I’ve put together a little photo essay. The photos were all taken on bright, sunny days, but the walk is worth doing no matter the weather. In fact, it is best to do it more than once in various weather conditions, to see how the ocean changes.

The basics you need to know before you set out:

  • the walk takes about 45 minutes each way (1.5 hours round trip) if done at a leisurely pace and without stops to swim
  • the path is paved throughout
  • special footwear is not needed
  • it’s not strenuous, but there are many stairs
  • there are lots of places to swim, so consider taking your swimsuits
  • be sure to only swim between the flags, as there are many dangerous rips
  • there are some water fountains along the way, but you might want a water bottle – especially in summer
  • it can get crowded at peak times, so early morning is best if you want peace

The walk begins and ends at Bondi Beach (pictured above). Bondi Beach can be easily accessed by several buses from downtown, including the 380 and 333. Enjoy the beach itself, the boardwalk with its graffiti art and its cafes.

When ready to move on look towards the southern end for the Instagram worthy Iceberg’s pool. Head this way and follow the steps behind the building to get onto the path.


Continue past the pool and along some beautiful cliffs out to the point of Mark’s Park. Passing around the point you will find the rocky MacKenzie’s Bay.


The next beach along is the tiny Tamarama. She is beautiful and deadly, with some of the strongest rips in Sydney. Do not swim here unless the flags are up.



The path will then take you to Bronte Beach, where a park with a great kids’ playground backs onto the beach. Several cafes at the far end look over the beach if you are hungry. If you want to continue, the trail picks up after Bronte as far as Coogee, which will be covered separately.





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