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A Malibu kind of day

Ask anyone who has spent a good deal of time in Los Angeles what the best way to enjoy the city is and you will hear the same answer- LEAVE!  While we all know and love that sprawling tangled mess of phone lines, highway systems and mediocre architecture, sometimes we need a day outside of it.

Los Angeles is no New York.  It’s a city that gives you room to breathe.  Pack a beach bag and some sunnies and jump in your lamborghini for a relaxing day in Malibu.

If you are one of the brave, hit the PCH heading north around sunrise.  Getting barreled during a dawn patrol surf session is a great way to kick off your day.  Malibu Surf Shack is right across the street from the Malibu Pier and they will hook you up with a board, wetsuit, and maybe even a handsome surf instructor.

I am going to be perfectly honest with you here. I hate surfing.  It’s very cold.  If I do manage to stand up, I usually fall.  Getting tumbled in a wave is actually more terrifying than being stuck inside a washing machine.  But fear not, surfer wannabes, I have a perfect alternative.  SUP.  Not whatsup.  Stand Up Paddle.  Boards are increasingly more common and offer a great way to reclaim some of the peace that we all thought surfing would bring.  I love a day that starts with a morning paddle session.

After you finish frolicking in the waves, you are sure to have built up an appetite. Malibu boasts several wonderful breakfast spots where you can spill coffee on your favorite rock star or wait in line with that guy from that TV show that your mom used to love.  A new offering that has fast become a local favorite is the Malibu Farm Cafe.  It features organic fare from local farms, including One Gun Ranch right up the road.  Step to an idyllic table perched outside on the pier’s edge after ordering and sip in the waves while you protect your food from greedy seagulls.  If it’s a little late in the day, drive north to Paradise Cove.  The tables are plunked right down in the sand so you don’t ever have to leave the water’s edge.

A Los Angeles local spends the rest of his or her day detoxing from their stress by napping at the sea.  I recommend El Matador Beach.  Stretch your day out by popping in to the bar at Nobu Malibu on your way back.  There is no way that you are getting a reservation, but the bar has the full menu and the best views in the house.  Who needs the rest of the restaurant?


Disclaimer: I spoke too soon about the bad architecture.  My apologies to Mr. Gehry, you have done a wonderful job, sir.  If you aren’t familiar, quit reading this article right now and go image search the Disney Concert Hall.





Image. Photo sourced from Wikipedia Commons.

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