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Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

All across the ol’ USofA, there are a few telltale signs that spring has officially decided to kick winter off its nasty, icy throne.  Some might argue that the daffodils blooming is when spring is official.  The bright yellow flower is one of the first to pop, and the explosions of color give the cold weather a final notice.  Others might tell you that hearing the first birds chirp is when you really know that spring has arrived.  The faint song of north-bound robins and sparrows is the song of the earth, as they stretch their legs and shake off their winter hibernation.  It may still be cold out, but birds bring with them a quiet hope that spring is peeking through the clouds.

Here in LA, we think that is all HILARIOUS.  Why would any poor humans live, like, anywhere near a climate that sounds so miserable.  Biding the days until it warms up????  NO THANK YOU.  As my favorite valley girl used to always say, “Gag me with a spoon!”  Sometimes we forget to tell the difference between winter and spring, but one thing always reminds us that it is our second favorite season…  OUTDOOR MOVIE SCREENINGS!

Angelinos love outdoor movies like they love small dogs and lattes (reverently).  We all pack into bizarre venues with pups, picnics and screw-top wine bottles in tow, to take in a classic with a few hundred of our best friends.  Although there are lots of different places to catch this type of event, there is one venue to rule them all – Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

“Huh?” I hear you think, “Movies at a cemetery?  That’s so weird!  That can’t be popular!”  Wrong, my friend.  Nothing is sacred in LA, least of all Charlie Chaplain’s tombstone.

Check out a screening, pack a picnic and get there early enough to shake it for the DJ or whatever stars happen to be in the audience.  Make sure to take plenty of selfies and get them up on instagram right away and you will fit right in with the local Angelinos!

The official write-up:

Since 2002, Cinespia’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery outdoor movies have offered audiences one of the most magical nightlife entertainment experiences in greater Los Angeles. In addition to showcasing the best of cinema, Cinespia cemetery screenings feature pre-show DJs, themed photo booths, a picnic at a gorgeous Hollywood landmark, and even occasional visits by stars, directors and filmmakers. Cinespia also stages special film screenings at historic movie palaces around Southern California, and often works in partnership with major film organizations and festivals. Need to know more about watching movies at the cemetery? Check out our website:

If the whole cemetery thing is too far-flung for you, other options abound.

Other Hot Spots:

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Image. Photo by Cinespia.

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