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The sweetest hot ice cream


Yep – you read it right. Now don’t think too much about this and spend time pondering what’s so HOT about this ice cream. I’m here to tell you! “Tongue Fun” is one of the many small ice cream parlors on the streets of Bangkok. It’s located on Krungkasem Road near Bobae Market, and also in Bangkok’s famous shopping arcade ‘Terminal 21’ on Asok, Sukhumvit Road. It think it’s a great place to go and enjoy ice cream once every month or so. I was there with my cousins last weekend, on Saturday night.

We were strolling down on the Krungkasem Road when my cousins found out about this ice-cream parlor on google. We were excited to see how they “brew” their scoops. This parlor is known for its unique style of brewing ice-cream. In Thai, the technique is called “ไอติมหม้อไฟ”,  which means ice cream in a hotpot. They serve you scoops in a pot that is also commonly used to serve the sour “tom-yum” soup in Bangkok. The idea of serving ice cream in a hotpot may sound as weird as the name itself, but ‘Tongue Fun’ is Chinese for ‘successful’. So what makes it hot? Here, they serve ice cream with smoke billowing from the centre of the hotpot, giving it the appearance of an erupting volcano.

The allusion of burning fire is actually created by dry ice, which gives off smoke for visual effect. The dry ice keeps your hotpot chilled so you have even more time to enjoy your cold, sweet treat.

The flavors range from the common to the exotic. There’s chocolate and strawberry, along with the other usual suspects. For the more adventurous, there are flavors like X-Milk (super creamy milk), milk tea, Redbull vodka, Thai beer and yoghurt with jelly. Or, if you’ve got an appetite for spice, go for the Wasabi flavored ice cream. We ordered the chocloate, choco-chips, milk tea, strawberry, red-bull vodka and beer flavors. I personally enjoyed the vodka flavor –  it was as good as tasting alcohol for the first time! My cousins loved the yoghurt jelly and milk tea flavors.

The price varies depending on the flavour, starting at B25 for the more common ones, B28 for more creative flavours, and B30 for the most exotic. We ordered almost 7-8 flavors, and ended  up paying less than 300 baht for 7 people. Cheap isn’t it?!

I was really awestruck, though, by the heartwarming and welcoming service. The owners, who themselves are staff, were so kind and generous towards us and the other customers. The ice-cream didn’t melt, but the way we were treated made us melt!  Once we finished and paid the bill, a couple of the staff thanked us exuberantly. It was a wonderful gesture; yes, all other restaurants do the same, but this was something else. This really is the “Sweetest Hot Ice Cream”; the hospitality , gentleness, quality and presentation make Tongue Fun a really awesome experience.



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  1. Corr Chilled says:

    So confused by this title, however, great blog! 🙂


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