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Sri Lanka – the more food, the merrier

I’ll tell you one thing about Sri Lankans. We love large quantities of food. If we can pay a little and a get lot, THAT’s what we call value for money. Do we not care about quality? Yes yes, we do. But when it comes to food, we love seeing a plate full and we will finish it regardless of the size. Our appetite is 24/7 the size of the Indian ocean. Glutton much? Welcome to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and here’s my top 4 recommendations on (I wanted to think of a 5th, I promise you) places you can go to indulge!

Hopefully, you’ve heard of the infamous cheese kottu. Tell them you want a “full” one, which shouldn’t cost you more than Rs.650/. Devour it! Same goes for fried rice or most of their other carb dishes.

Seasons (located in secret floor in Liberty plaza)
Welcome to the gigantic restaurant that often seems empty. Craving that biriyani? Again, for not so much money, you can order the “large biriyani dish for 2”, which often feeds 3. It may not the be the BEST you’ll taste but it’s pretty decent. For other decent Biriyani in Galle, there’s also this “family hut” place that you can find when turn towards the right and drive after exiting the Southern Express highway.

The Bavarian (German restaurant)
You can’t exactly call this German restaurant “cheap”. But if you’re a meat lover, for a fair price Rs.1200-1500 you get a super decent mixed grill. You can never go wrong with the mixed grill; the different sausages, the chicken etc., the works – this is probably one of my favourite places to eat.

One of the places that “seems” to get pizza right. For some weird reason most pizza franchises in Sri lanka have fat crusts, kinda like sauce on a roast paan, and then they introduce a range called “thin crust pizzas”. Pizza is supposed to be thin-crusted! Besides Rocco’s, you could also try the only “thin crust pizza” service places such as Michelangelo, Harpo’s, (maybe) Santore, and The Oro, which people seem to really like. But Rocco’s pizzas are 14” as opposed to the usual 12” for the same price. Remember what I said about quantities first?

What have I missed?




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