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One of my earliest and happiest moments growing up happened on Sunday afternoons, after mass, when my parents would take us to La Delia and would let us choose any three things we wanted. So that you understand just how amazing this moment was, let me tell you a bit about this magical place.

La Delia is a very small local store that has been in the same place for at least 30 years, and sells all kinds of candies. For as long as I can remember the same family has owned and tended it. It is no bigger than 3 square meters, but in this small space you can find any candy, especially traditional Mexican sweets, that you want. Its walls are covered from floor to ceiling with all kinds of things, from gummy bears to glorias, one liter bottles full of Miguelito (chilli powder), bags of lollipops (ideal for filling you piñatas)and even Belgian chocolate.

I don´t go as often anymore to that side of the city, but it makes me happy to know that La Delia is still there and has become a landmark in the neighborhood. In a time when most of these ‘mom and pop’ stores are transforming into chain convenience stores or being forced to close due to high competition from these chain stores, it is very comforting to see that people have stayed loyal to this place – the sweet store that made me love Sundays and made many Chilango kids like me very happy.

Dulcería Regional Delia: Prado Norte 359, Lomas de Chapultepec, 76039 México, D.F.




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