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Mexico City, my home, has so many wonderful things to offer. It has a unique gastronomical and cultural diversity, it offers a wide array of entertainment options for all kinds of people, and it’s home to hundreds of museums, parks, markets and bars. It really is a great place to live. But there is something missing in Mexico City, and it’s enough to make me feel like moving away sometimes: It is nowhere near the ocean.

Although Mexico has very long coastlines along both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, warm weather year round and beautiful beach destinations, the country’s biggest cities are inland, and at least a 4 hour drive away from the coast. This is not an issue for most of the people who inhabit these cities, but for me, it’s terrible. I love the ocean, I love swimming, scuba diving and walking on the beach. I love the air at sea level, and the sun, and I would love to live in a place where I could have all this without needing to drive, find a place to stay, and then come back to the city after a short period of time.

But for now, I have to make it work any way I can, so I try to get away from the city and close to the coast whenever possible. Like during the Christmas holidays, when I was able to spend 10 beautiful days in Acapulco.  The fireworks in the bay of Acapulco on New Year’s Eve are pictured above.

Acapulco is a bay in the state of Guerrero, and the closest coastal city to Mexico City.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been going there at least a few times each year, especially for holidays and long weekends. Acapulco has always been a very popular destination, and in the last couple of decades it has changed radically. New buildings pop up every day as the city expands outwards, further and further away from what used to be the center of town. Happily, I rarely see the new parts of the city, as I always stay in the old area, where the magic of Acapulco in its glory remains.

Here, you can see a show at La Quebrada, a cliff where divers amaze onlookers with their abilities. You can go diving, fishing or whale watching. You can hire a boat and spend the day visiting one of the beautiful beaches of the bay. You can go water skiing at Coyuca, an enormous and quiet lagoon just across from the ocean.

Acapulco is special to me. It remembers me of my childhood, of my family and some of the most amazing nights of my life. I ache every time I get in the car to drive back to the city, but hey, you need to leave a place in order to come back, right?


Hotel Boca Chica:

Tres Marías Ski Club:

Divers at la quebrada:


Image. Photo by María José Céspedes.

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