Spain – Sophie Standen


Sophie Standen studied social anthropology and really loves to explore the subtle differences in culture when meeting new people and seeing new things.

I was born in….Cardiff, Wales. I have spent most of my life in….Cardiff, but I have also lived in Northern Ireland and Guatemala, and now currently live in Tarragona, Spain.  My favourite local films are….from Spain, “Mar Adentro” and I really like Almodóvar’s take on things. From Wales, I love the film “Pride”. My favourite books from places I call home are….as a child I loved books by the Dianna Wynne Jones and particularly was a fan of “Howl’s Moving Castle”. I also love the world created by the Carl Ruiz Zafon in “The Shadow of the Wind”. I think he writes beautifully and his words really bring the Barcelonan streets to life. When I need a reminder of home, I listen to…..I can’t ever imagine not living close to the sea, and love to talk walks along the coast here to listen to the waves. My favourite time of year is.….definitely the autumn. My favourite local phrase is…..I often hear people say here “poco a poco” (little by little). I don’t think that the phrase is particularly local, however I like the sentiment behind it. What I love most about Tarragona is.…how the streets are alive. I love the fact that life is mostly lived outside here and that you can find children running around at 1 am with their families on a Friday night. I love the proximity of Barcelona, the Catalan culture, the tranquillity of Tarragona, the sea, the mountains, and of course the cheap beer!



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