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A taste of Turkey in Sydney


For anyone who knows me personally, it will come as no surprise that one of my favourite things to do is eat. I am a complete and utterly obsessed foodie. And I can honestly say that growing up in Australia, and more specifically in Sydney, is definitely the cause of my food obsession.

The variety of food available in Sydney is amazing. Some suburban areas are actually known to specialise in different types of cuisines. But rather than get too carried away elaborating upon all of this amazing food, I’d like to give you a little insight into one of my favourite cuisines: Turkish food.

During my childhood, we’d often visit the suburb of Auburn for weekend dinners with family. Auburn, the heart of Turkish culture, is situated in Western Sydney, 19 kilometres west of Sydney’s city centre.

Auburn is well known for its population of Turkish Australians who have created a wonderful community and maintained strong ties to their homeland through cultural events, festivals and most importantly, Turkish cuisine, coffee and sweets.

Last week I took a trip down memory lane and visited Auburn for lunch at an old favourite eatery called Sofra Restaurant.


I opted for a traditional Spinach and Feta Pide as entrée, followed by a scrumptious plate of Iskendar (a kind of doner kebab prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb, served over pieces of pita bread, basted with hot tomato sauce and generously slathered with melted sheep’s butter and yoghurt), alongside a glass of Ayran (yoghurt drink mixed with salt) which is the national drink of Turkey. And what’s even more delicious is the fact that I was able to enjoy all these authentic flavours of Turkey for under $25!




If you’re ever in need of Turkish food, be sure to visit Auburn. I assure you, you’ll experience a true taste of Turkey and you won’t be disappointed.

Turkish Restaurants in Auburn

Sofra Restaurant, 35-39 Auburn Road

New Star Kebabs, 15 Auburn Road

Impress Café, 31-35 Queen Street

Mado Café (desserts and icecream), 63 Auburn Road

How to get to Auburn?

The easiest way to get to Auburn if you don’t have a car is to catch the train. Auburn is on the Inner West line of the Sydney Trains Network.


Images. All images by Afiyat Mustaq.

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