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Sri Lankan Restaurants in Sydney

It’s been five years since I moved to Sydney to attend university (I’m from Sri Lanka), and whilst the choice of international food is limitless, there is always that sudden urge to have something Sri Lankan. Nothing really compares to a home cooked meal, and in my search for quick methods to make a meal that is authentic, Peter Kuruvita’s book ‘Serendip’ and his ‘My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita’ TV series has done wonders. It’s guaranteed, though that watching him travel to all corners of Sri Lanka makes me feel rather homesick!

Nevertheless, an inevitable part of student life involves late night take-outs and any excuse to go out for a meal and delay that assignment by one more day. When it comes to socializing with your fellow Sri Lankans or introducing your international friends to a Sri Lankan meal, the choice of Sri Lankan restaurants in Sydney has been quite satisfactory. Here’s my list of top five Sri Lankan eateries in and around Sydney:

1. Kammadhenu (171, King St, Newtown)

Located in bustling King Street, Newtown, here you can find all kinds of meals, from rice and curry to other typical Sri Lankan favourites such as hoppers, string hoppers, jaffna dosai, string-hopper, biriyani and my personal favourite, kottu roti. There’s another Kammadhenu in Homebush (32 Burlington Road), where, in addition to the same menu, you can also find the famous Sri Lankan ‘short-eats’ (spicy snack foods) such as cutlets, patties, rotis and fish buns.

2. Ram’s (17c/16-20 Henley Road, Homebush West)

Also in Homebush is Ram’s, a take away joint inside an arcade that serves authentic Sri Lankan food.

3. Flavour of Ceylon (17 Joyce Street, Pendle Hill)

Flavour of Ceylon was once located in the heart of Parramatta, and I remember having the best Biriyani I’ve had both in and out of Sri Lanka here. Recently though, Flavour of Ceylon has moved to Pendle Hill and is no longer an eat-in place. It still offers take away food and provides catering services.

4. Janani (608-610 Liverpool Road, Strathfield South)

If you live closer to Strathfield, Janani’s is a good place to visit. Janani’s offers both Sri Lankan and Indian food.

5. Mathura (10 Aurelia Street Toongabbie)

Located in Toongabbie, Mathura is the best place to go if you want traditional rice and curry meals Sri Lankan style at an affordable price. Their generous portions are unlike most other Sri Lankan places that serve a fusion curry that is a blend of both Indian and Sri Lankan. For those that cannot distinguish between the two nations’ curry styles, Mathura is the place to go. Their curry palette varies each day and you can find curries such as ash plantain, okhra, mallung (Sri Lankan green leaf salads), pol sambal etc. not found in typical curry shops.

My culinary journey so far around Sydney in search of Sri Lankan food led me to these hidden gems. Once you take that first bite off a Sri Lankan kottu, I am sure you’ll be wanting more, and you may discover more concealed Sri Lankan restaurants around Sydney.




Image. Picture by The Adventures of Miss Piggy.


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