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The Kirribilli Fashion Markets


Once a month a corner of the very scenic Sydney suburb of Kirribilli, perched just north of the Harbour Bridge, is overtaken by sartorially-minded buyers and sellers.

I love the Kirribilli Fashion Markets. People with great clothes come here to sell stuff, lighten their loads and de-clutter. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble across sellers who work for great labels, selling off their freebies and samples. Designer shoe lovers haul bags full of booty to sell that have been cluttering up their garages.

I won’t deny it – I love a bargain. So yes, it’s probably no surprise then that what I love about this market is the bargains to be found – they are real, and they are everywhere. There is almost an overwhelming sense of relief amongst these sellers when someone takes a shine to one of their pre-loved goods and takes it off their hands, lightening their material load, one piece at a time.

If you’re heading to the markets by train, get off at Milson’s Point. When you exit the station, turn left and head in the direction of the Harbour Bridge. Wander past the food stalls and a few crafty looking set ups until you get to the green, where you’ll find an eclectic bunch of fashionistas selling their wares and clearing out their wardrobes. Most clothing will set you back between $2 and $30. If you have to fork out $30, it will most likely be for garments made of pure silk or other top quality fabrics.

Perhaps these prices, driven down by the ruthless nature of the bargain hunters that frequent these markets, don’t work very well in the seller’s favour. Nothing depreciates faster than clothing – unless it is so old that it becomes ‘vintage’. Then it seems to gain all its value back. And no one really understands why. I’ve sold my stuff at these markets before, and in fits of desperation to simply get rid of things, I have sold garments I’d never even worn for about 2% of the retail value. Sure, I felt a tiny bit cheated afterwards. Just a tiny bit. But at the end of the day, I was just glad that my load was a little bit lighter on my way home.

For fashion lovers and bargain hunters, the Kirribilli Fashion Markets come pretty close to being market heaven in Sydney.

More info: The Kirribilli Fashion Markets take place on the second Sunday of every month on Bradfield Park Bowling Green in Kirribilli. The closest train station is Milson’s Point. Official opening hours are 9am – 3pm, however many super keen bargain hunters can be found rifling through seller’s stuff as they set up at around 8am.





Image. Photo by Sally Langford.


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